Thursday, April 7, 2011

The HUNT week 4...Didn't quite make it???

I have been so lucky to make it to this point in Misi's Scavenger Hunt.... This week she gave us a twist... A shopping list were we could come up with 2 items on that list... or list 4.... Close but no cigar! ( Has anyone else had this happen to them... once I hit my mid 40's I have become more sensitive to fragrance... So at one time I loved everything Bath and Body Works... these were on the list... But now they just make me itch, UGH.... I was just going to get a couple of things, but if I can't use them....) So I went for the 2nd list... don't think I quite made it??? What ya think..... Ruby slippers... no.....wooden shoe.....well.... wooden shoe form????....biscotti...nope... should of just went and got lazy.....Christening gown... I think this is what I have....Dried apple gourds... YUP..sent hubby into the crawl space to get them.. packed away with the fall stuff...I tell ya, getting 4 shots in the back makes him a really good sport for the things I want! LOL Heart pantry cakes, YUP!!!

I tossed in the nail polish from Sally Hansen I use... does that count????
Christmas Vacation, a staple in our house! John Freida 100 % shine glossing mist, will this work??LOL And the lotion I use from L'occatine with Shea butter.....

So that is all she wrote...Misi, your finally answer please!!! LOL.... Back feeling much better tonight... I can actually sit for long periods.. I was caught off guard from the discomfort from getting the shots...Hey if they work, a small price to pay! OLM


Misi said...

Honorable Mention goes to OLM... a separate drawing & prize ;0)
Hugs to you for your efforts
Check in with my blog on the 16th for your category drawing
Thanks Marie for making this fun

lilraggedyangie said...

Awww I give you an A for effort ....but heeheee my opinion doesn't count for much !!!lol Glad you feeling a bit better , cpl more days you will feel ok , if you get a second round you will feel like super woman. I love all your goodies especially the gown , Im gonna try makin my own pantry cakes one of these days keep yer fingers crossed. FYI Dr. says just severe sprain of cpl major muscles in upper body nothing torn or broke as he can tell now . Thank goodness . Enjoy your evening and soak up all that man labor while you can get it !
lil raggedy angie

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Glad that you're feeling better Marie! I'm gonna post mine tomorrow...wonder if my daughter's 19 yr old christening gown counts??
We'll find out.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

OLM~ love the Christening gown~ and the display is Terrific~ It has been so much fun!!I love how you sent Hubby into the crawl space! LOL( sounds like me!!)
Hope you back gets to feeling better soon~Sorry I purchased them crocks before you( not really, I love them!LOL)Hey, but I will keep you in mind if I want to sell them( not anytime soon~LOL)
You always bring fun to blog land~ thanks!!

Penny said...

A valiant effort, OLM! (I am a watcher, not a player -- no blog, don't have a clue how you girls can do all this stuff!) But I always look forward to stalking all the fun stuff that goes on -- this was a great scavenger hunt and you were a great participant!! So fun! Have a great weekend.....

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hi Marie: I'm making some biscotti right now!! Killing two birds with one stone-a post and yummy cookies for us! Go get a pair of shoes and red glitter or make some've got an hour and a half to post...don't give up now, girl!!
patti :)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

go here for the biscotti:

cottageprims said...

Always get a giggle from you Blessings!~Amy

Farmhouse prims said...

You did an awesome job, I enjoyed your pictures so much. Hugs, Lecia