Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers and Furry ones... Last step in the HUNT!!!

I wanted to say first I am sorry for being MIA yesterday on the Tuesday display chain. I was having one of those days... Then we were suppose to lose power for several hours while ComEd updated some old equipment. So I powered down the computer and never lost power... Go figure.... Completely forgot with the computer off that Dru over at Cinnamon Creek was having a picture trail sale with some of her prim's! Oh I so love her creations! So by the time I remembered, of course everything sold... Oh well.... Saw that she was doing a giving away on FB... so I entered... AND THIS AM.... got a email from Dru saying out of 253 entries, I WON!!!! I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! It's been a crappy couple of days with some family crap, so this was a wonderful surprise! I will be sure to show my goodies when I get it!!!! So last week Misi emailed me, said I am in the drawing and I should post pictures... So here I go.... Just a few to show off...... Misi, thank you so much for all you do with the Display Chain and the scavenger hunt! This has been so much fun!
My first Daffodils that opened up a couple of days ago, FINALLY!
And these little guys. These came from one of the "bags" a couple of years ago.... So when we see them in the Spring we thing of Bags!... Though I can't believe all the weeds already, UGH!!

Oh, the furry one! For us that is Knuckles. He's really my new baby! LOL... Well... not new, he has been with us now just over 3 years. We are not sure quite how old he was when we brought him home from the shelter... We are thinking he was about a year old....(loved that blue floor... but when we did the addition we couldn't get more of we had to put in a whole different floor..though love the new one too)
So here he is shortly after he came to us... before so many hot dogs from the hot dog man! He seems so tiny here.....Look at that face! Hard to believe he was sitting in a shelter for over 2months until we came along.....He is very loved!
OOPS! My dirty little secret... here's how the dishes get cleaned in our home! LOL... not really, but when knuckles hears the dishwasher open, he comes running, yes I let him lick the dishes... Though one time, his collar got caught on the wire... Freaked him out... he went running, took the whole tray of dishes with him! Amazing nothing broke... BUT he did not go near the dishwasher for about 6 months after that!! HEHE
One of my favorite pictures! The first fall we had him, I was out raking the leaves. Went inside for something, only to come out and find him playing in the leaves... He was like a little 2 year old playing...He has never done it again...:(

Do you see that ugly tile????LOL... before the gathering room was gutted and remodeled....Boy it really was a UGLY room! BUT there is Knuckles, looking at the carnage he created! Oh he loves his toys... Every time I come home from shopping he sticks his whole face in every bag looking for a new toy... Now he plays nice for awhile... BUT at some point this happens... Then he lays in the mess oh so proud! So there you have it.......

PS... I have noticed several new followers... WELCOME! I am always surprised that so many like reading my humble little blog...Might be time to start thinking of a giveaway... I will see what I can come up with and maybe once I hit say 175... I will have one! Have a great night! OLM


Farmhouse prims said...

Your flowers are beautiful Marie, I am so glad Knuckles has a wonderful home with you. He reminds me of my Lilly girl , I still miss her so much. Labs are such sweethearts. I can tell Knuckles is the King of the castle. Hugs, Lecia

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Marie ~ congrats on your giveaway win. Dru has some awesome prims that's for sure. Your flowers are gorgeous and Knuckles is sweet. we have a chocolate lab and also lab mix, they are the best buddies. Love them so much. Your package should be arriving soon, my friend. thanks again.

nancy huggins said...

Love the flowers and does make you think the weather will stay warm from now on :)
Knuckles looks a lot like my Naggie and she is a buggar and gets in trouble a lot but much better since we moved :)
Hop on over to my blog to see my newest addition of painting fabric and if you go down a post or 2 you will see my post about Maggie.

nancy huggins said...

I meant Maggie..not Naggie

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Glad you got in Marie! I wish you the best in the drawing.....
We are dog people ( though we are capable of loving cats, our dogs do not ) and Knuckles is a darling dog! We love dog antics!

Primsue said...

Good luck in the drawing. Love your daffodils!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Pretty daffy's and love how you clean your dishes~LOL
It's been so much fun!!!