Sunday, April 3, 2011

Estate Sale Plunder!!!

I have been meaning to take a few pictures...share my latest and greatest finds....I seem to keep getting side tracked... Am I getting anything done? Not really! Should I be crafting, OMG YES!!! so much to do with me going into another shop... Instead I am out estate saling! Now I have said it before, I am will say it again I am sure... Around by me, it's all kids clothes, toys, workout stations...LOL.... If they advertise "antiques" ya right, I don't think so, or OMG, really you want that much for it? Estates... they bring in a company and well, it gets priced right out of the ball park..... Except here in the last 3 weeks! I have collected some great plunder!!! I can't believe it! I have gotten more great stuff in the last 3 sales, then what I have gotten total in the last 4 years!!! Since I am going to be able to sell small antiques at the shop as well.... I am picking up things that I might of pasted up... Well, really hard to say for sure on that one! LOL So this past Friday, up and out of the house for a estate/garage sale about 5 blocks away. Got here at 8:30 AM. Not quite ready, but I am in the garage and spy a crock... How much I ask, $12, SOLD!!! As the man picks it up for me, turns it around, what do I see... YUP... You are seeing correct Redwing 3 gallon crock!!! SCORE!!!! I am keeping this one for sure!!!!
At a different sale, walk into the house, right away I see this great little table... how much $20...but we are using it, please come back tomorrow... Fine, mark it sold!!!
Look at the ruler going through it. It must be a sewing or seamstress table??? super cute... probably will sell this one....
Hiding in a corner, bowls, now do I need another bowl? Did you see my Tuesday Display chain awhile back on bowls??? LOL..... But I said my heart will skip a beat for a bowl at a good price... $15 each....
OK, back to the sale on Friday, I swear I have NEVER seen so much "STUFF" in my life... talk about collectors! Now most, not my taste... but OMG, shelf after shelf of collectibles!

Now who doesn't love a great oil lamp??? How about 15... Prices where so good, I could not pass them up, and NO I did not get them all. I did not want to be greedy after all... (really I took most of them!) I will keep a few... then off to the shop with these guys!!!!
Wooden doll/doll house furniture.. a whole tub of the stuff! Just need to clean it up... Off to the shop with these goodies too!!!
Wooden bowl.. 50 cent!!! I just can't pass up a elf!!! How many does a girl need???
Walking out of the garage, really more crocks??? not sure how much he will sell them for... puts them off to the side while I shop.... How about $13 for both...!!!! YUP going home with me!!!

Now at this point I am out of $$$, won't take a check... Please hold stuff & I will be right back!!! And as you will see in a minute, I will be coming back with a bigger car. I had my son's little Chevy Cobalt.....
Wire basket set for a bike... Yup, out in the garage... Do I keep or sell???
The SIL the "Queen" loves old wire baskets with handles... at this point the man is like, just take it! LOL... Queen this one is for you!
AND why did I need my car... LOOK at this great trunk! No musty smell, great shape on the inside, Most wonderful price! Not keeping this one, I will sell it....
AND Lastly a funny story! My car has been kicked out of the garage for a air hockey table! Hubby and the boys have always wanted one, but we don't have a basement......

Now remember last week I mentioned my washing machine crapped out... Well it's working.... don't know how, don't have faith in it... So we're looking... Been going to the Sear's Outlet... Have always gotten great deals....

BUT instead of coming home with a new washer, these were there... normally almost $700.... down to $200... I should of known hubby brought the truck for a reason... Once he didn't see anything "we" liked!...Well, I did, more then I wanted to spend, OH she was pretty though! Truly I shouldn't have pretty, I craft on my washing machine, paint on it. stain on it... The one I have now looks like a mess! So hubby said "why spend all the extra $$ on the glass top, nice bronze color when you will "gook" it up! OH I PROMISE I WON"T THIS TIME!!! I so want this machine!! 5.2 capacity all the fancy stuff and it's a top loader, not front!!! I don't want a front loader!!!

NOPE air hockey table came home instead!!! LOL.... True, hubby never spends $$ on himself so I don't care, BUT I am going to use it as amo.... See we are going back to look again Tuesday, I am going to give him the "sad lip" so I can get the pretty one!!! I will keep you informed on my progress! Have a great night! OLM


Farmhouse prims said...

Wow, you really raked in the goodies. I love everything. My favorite would have to be the old mixing bowls though, I would pick an old mixing bowl anyday over depression glass, it must be the country girl in me. Have a good eve. Lecia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, you done good ~ especially on the Red Wing crock. You go girl!
Hugs :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I want that bicycle basket if you don't want it.;)just let me know..:)

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Send me your address Im heading up to your house this weekend and we are going junkin' together!!! LOL!!
Seriously, youve hit the jackpot lately!
I love all your amazing finds.
Dont you just love getting amazing goodies and Amazing Prices!!

Oh, and good to know that Im not the only one who does the pouty lip thing! Hehee!


renee said...

Oh my goodness! LOL! You are too funny!You got some great deals, and I wish you much luck at the new booth! Hope you get your new washer!

Angela said...

So glad you scored so many good finds. Love the crocks. The table was unique and I love the bowls. It's a good day when you find go stuff like that. Enjoy. Have a good evening.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Awesome--just awesome!
Good news about the new venue for selling. I wish I had the guts to do that. Who am I kidding? I can hardly stand to be tied to a garage sale! I'm much better at buying! LOL
Gotta say--I love the bowls. Bowls are my favorite thing right now!

purensimple-Theresa said...

Oh my you really hit the mother load! Love those crocks and those elves remind me of when I was little and had one of my own that I carried everywhere...till I lost him :(
Have a great week!

Larry I said...

The "Queen Bag" is PROUD of our youngest "Bag"!! You would have won the prize for "show & tell" night on Bag's Weekend !!
And, the "Queen" loves her new green wire basket ~ too bad we're SO far apart !! Oh, well!! Good Job, OLM !!

Beckyjean said...


You sure have hit the jackpot lately!! I've been watching the paper for garage sales or estate sales, but no luck so far. Can't wait to get out there & shop!!


Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Wow!! did you get some deals!! Love those crocks!!
Too funny about the washer and the air hockey. I do hope you get the pretty one.8-)

JenW!~ said...

WOw you hit the mother load. And to find a wooden bowl for 50 cents Lucky you I'm on a search for one but having no luck. Great finds.

Prims By The Water said...

You really did score some great finds!!! Love everything. Just the type of items we sell in our own antique store. Janice

Penny said...

Great finds! Everything is what I would have picked up, too. If I was at that sale with you, we woulda been 'raslin' for those things!
Have a happy day!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hey I need that table, just perfect. You sure found alot of great goodies. I love the crocks, and the bowls. The thrill of the hunt, don't you just love it. Vicky

cottageprims said...

Great goodies girl! I love when old people clear out the "Junk" so many fun finds.Warm Blessings!~Amy

lilraggedyangie said...

Whoa OLM hits Major home run , sheesh woman GOODIES GALORE AT MAJOR STEALS ON PRICES, am so jealous loving all the crocks and them bowls too perfect, the table is really nifty , I dont think I could sell it ! Good luck on the sad lip :0) let me know how that works for ya of course that is like a major huge air hockey table lol :-) FYI I am taking it easy !!! are you ? lol Im off to stitch ! lol Enjoy the day
lil raggedy angie

Carmen at Primcats said...

WOW! You got some amazing deals!!! Lucky lucky lady!!! Love those crocks and that little table!

Carmen and the Primcats