Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Late and a Dollar Short, Re-dos & Thank You!

Well, first thanks to every one's kind words on the shots I had yesterday for my back. Yes, I have been a good girl taking it easy! I have to say, I am way more sore then I thought I would be, YIKES! Actually, and I consider myself pretty tough and woosers..... So I laid around, watched the soaps... chatted on the phone... Now does anyone watch One Life to Live??? Really Matthew killed Eddie Ford???? Charlie is sleeping with Echo?? ICK!!!! When will John EVER find out that baby is REALLY his!!! At least the story line on bullying I thought was well done.... got to love the soaps... I am caught up for few weeks now! First I wanted to share my winning giveaway from Valerie over at the Wooden Acorn! Thank you Valerie! So many wool scraps!!! So many ideas! I can never have enough "pretty" note paper. I use it for EVERYTHING!!! and a great pattern!!!
This is just a small sampling of all the wonderful scraps sent to me!!! YEAH!

Now onto the Tuesday display chain Misi hosts, only my pictures on Wednesday.... Funny before the theme was posted, I had slowly (thanks to the back) started to change a few things up....Most still in pieces, thanks to the good olde back, but I thought I would share none the same...Then off to rest again!!!
So this picture is out of order, screwed up sorry.... This is the chubby I got right before Christmas, I had it on our counter.... Talked about it being a little, stinky..... Well, love the chubby, decided to move it up high, problem solved, I can't smell it! or can I ??? LOL
This is what the top of the cabinets looked like last summer... not very prim, wanting to change things up a bit... but there was mom and her illness, the back, life.... Oh and the refrigerator died too... Now i Have the wonderful stainless steel with freezer on the bottom!!!
So hubby went was a good sport and went up on the ladder and moved things to where I wanted them... Like this better, don't you?
So here was the chubby on the counter......
here is what I did now... I had acquired a new cash drawer with the great writing top!
Moved my dough box on top of the hall seat in the front room.....
Ah, this little farm table in the kitchen... now this is still a work in progress... I some how want a small butlers pantry... still working on that look... but I moved the table and the crock.....
And, now I have this.... still needs a few finishing touches once I am moving better... Really I should show you the UGLY truth... the mess that is all around this! LOL.... So that is what I have for to rest AGAIN!!! I wonder what I will have hubby cook tonight??? OR what he will order out????LOL.... OLM

PS.. Please forgive me as I haven't been able to sit for long periods and haven't been out to see everyone's Tuesday Chains...Probably will take me a couple of days....


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

OLM~ the re-dos look wonderful~ love how you arranged everything~
Hope you get to feeling better~ I hate to think of you being subjected to watch the Soaps all day long~LOL!!
prayers for a speedy recovery~

cottageprims said...

Sweetie~ Rest till the shots kick in.Always enjoy see all you prims and antiques.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Beckyjean said...


What a wonderful hubby you have!! Moving your stuff all around for you. Love your redos. You received some awesome goodies from Valerie.Hope your back feels better soon.


lilraggedyangie said...

Lovin the redo's , you have such fantastic stuff , kitchen cabinets look great glad Mr. OLM is a good sport! I hate to hear that you have to rest , watch tv, and be waited on !!!lol NOT!!! Get well soon my friend , first cpl days can seem worse than you were before you started but trust me it does get better! If you don't have space to put redo's you have my address (giggle giggle) Hugs and prayers and try to enjoy your quiet time.
lil raggedy angie

Misi said...

oh you had me there...i was about to holler at ya.. then i read Hubby helped with up above the cupboards..jeesh Marie!
I am 2 mos behind on i am jealous you know so much ..but wishing you felt better!
Be good!

Misi said...

Oh & LOVE what you have re-done Prim perfection!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hope your back is feeling better. Congratulation on your winnings. I love your re-do's, I always enjoy seeing how you decorated your house, you are an inspiration! Hugs, Lecia

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Everything is great. What a kind and generous man your hubby is! Mine would do it but wouldn't understand why! Lol
Mom gets those shots and she says it takes about two weeks for them to be fully effective, but she always goes for the next one. She's been getting them for years. I certainly hope and pray you get along well. My thoughts are with you!

renee said...

Hi Marie!
I am sorry you are having so much trouble with your back! I love all your re-dos'! Everything looks great! I like that bucket bench! You always find cool stuff! I hope you have a good week!

Orange Sink said...

Just can't keep a good woman down can they! Nice changes to your decor and tell Hubby he did great as the assistant decorator!
I hope the shots help and you get some relief. I have had the back problems in my past and I know the pain! Patience and following the Dr.s order I guess is the best thing! Wishing you speedy recovery!
Hugs( but very gentle) :-)
Cathy G

Bama Planter said...

I hope you're feeling better also. I guess I'm a stage worse about soap operas. At least yours are new; I watch vhs tapes of Dark Shadows ( Barnabas Collins! Angelique! Quentin!) . Marshel at

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Marie, love all your redo's!! You have some really great prims and they are displayed so well.
I hope your back feels better soon. You will have time to dream up more things for Hubby to move.8-)
Have a great day!!