Monday, March 21, 2011

YIKES! Where did the time go....????

YEAH! Happy Spring. I always have a extra special reminder of Spring, Our son Alex is 23 today! Now I am still a young 22, haven't aged a day, so how can I possible have a 23 year old son??? Time flys in a blink of a eye! Here he is a few weeks back, all dressed and ready for his internship at the Police Department! Happy Birthday Alex!!! We are so proud!!! I worked last Thursday and Friday over at the shop. I meant to take some pictures to share, but I left the camera on the table. Hard to take pictures that way...OOPS....

I wanted to share with everyone this great surprise box I received from Angie over at ! She wanted to send me a "old goat" after reading about my bags trip... I was a little afraid...LOL... Then there was so many other wonderful goodies and such a great card! Thanks so much!!!!
Now the minute Knuckles saw the goat, he thought it was for him. He has even stolen it once! LOL.... I think he can become the new "bag" mascot! I might have to let knuckles play with him a bit to make him a little "worn" LOL.... See the Bags had a mascot, this REALLY ugly old, stuffed dog we named "Spike"...but spike has gone missing.... So what better to guard the bags, but a old goat?????

YUMMO! so chocolate, fun prim eggs, a little raggedy Ann pillow, towel, basket, plate & more... I was spoiled!!!! How lucky was I???? Thanks again Angie! Your thoughtfulness, WOW!!!

Well, speaking of Knuckles, he has gone MIA, AGAIN!!!..... Next door, won't come home.... I am over there visiting for a bit... Knuckles see us all there, along with the HOT DOG MAN JEFF... So of course he wants over, we bring him over, now he won't come home! No loyalty here! He seems to have forgotten which side his bread is buttered on.. Tossed us under the bus for a few losey hot dogs!?!?!!? As I type this he's still there.....maybe he feels bad for HOT DOG man??? he fell this weekend and broke his arm... WELL..... that is one spoiled dog!
Then lastly, off today exploring... MAYBE being a little bad.....Went to see one of the prim gal pals at the Primitive Chick in Dekalb.... Maybe acquired a few goodies... Will share tomorrow for the display....I am already out on the scavenger hunt...DARN!!!
So here is just a couple of pictures of the shop... Lots of eye candy... so many goodies so little space......

Off to try and collect Knuckles, AGAIN! Have a great night! OLM


michelle said...

what a bunch of goodies Angie sent you,she sure is a sweetie!have a great weekend and hopeful knuckles shall return soon.blessings michelle

lilraggedyangie said...

Happy Birthday to Alex! Happy Monday to you , see busy busy you as always. Knuckles may not come home , I think he's really upset bout the goat!!:-) You my dear are most welcome and most deserving , truly a great prim inspiration and friend to all. Hope that Old goat serves the bags well. Cant wait to see your new goodies tomorrow. Have a great night hugs
lil raggedy angie

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
What a handsome son! My baby turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. He**, I'm getting old...oh, wait...I'm already there. Where has my life gone?
Pug hugs :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Another handsome son! I don't understand how you have such old children. Are they step-children? Or do they have that disease that makes children grow old at an alarming rate? Is this why Knuckles won't come home?
Maybe you should tempt him with the old goat....

Misi said...

What a handsome young man!!...Be so proud momma!
& That knuckles is such a good boy ..he just knows his company is needed..Poor hot dog man.
You have got three good boys Old Lady!