Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miracle's Do Happen???!!!!

Yes, OLM, Miracles do happen....What kind of miracles one might ask?? The kind of self restraint! LOL.... Off to Brodhead to visit with the wounded bag. Of course we are going to pop into the Harvest Moon for a little "prim" shopping! Now yes, I did get a few treasures, BUT I put something back!!! Now for me that is usually unheard of! Love this oval shaped laundry looking basket on wheels. It was pricey at $125, Again, probably won't of stop me.....BUT... One I really need to slow down and 2 for whatever reason, I wasn't feeling it???! Hubby is starting to tell me I have a problem. YES, I do, a prim addiction problem! LOL... Toss in many great prim friends that feed off each other and YES that can become a problem....Anyway I did get a few great treasures. I didn't break the bank! So that hubby would call a checkbook MIRACLE!!!! So I did get the great tin for $10, missing the lid, I don't care. I have wanted a Reese tin for long time, but never found the right one.... Love the candle holder with the reflector.
So here is the 'wounded one" getting out of her car as we meet up!!! Yikes, really it was a nasty break!!!

Here we are having margarita's!! Great shot of me??? NOT, I was to busy trying to get a sip!!

Punk and Mary ready to have their first taste!

A better picture of my new tin and a few of the flower picks to add around the homestead....

Picked up another candle.. One can never have enough candles??? Great small crock, only $7

Then a great stack of old, the way it should be!!! Country Livings!!! I have to say I WILL NOT be renewing CL this year, it's a waste... nothing country in my opinion in the magazine now....ICK!

Another teaser, one of my newest creations, prim sock bunny! Love how he turned out. Probably will put him up on Simply Primitives on the 15Th.....

Just another teaser for my swap buddies... Angie and Becky.... MMMMM.... need to create outfits, dresses, pants, or aprons??? For what I might wonder?????
Off to work on the fun new scavenger hunt Misi is hosting over at 1890 gable house musings! She posted the list last night, my first thought, YIKES, I'm out on the first try... BUT, not all is lost!!!! Now I just need to take my pictures for tomorrow's post... Got YA curious??? Pop over to Misi's and check it out!!!! OLM


Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Way to go, self restraint can be very hard...
Love the tin and the light..
Sounds like you guys had a great day.

Beckyjean said...


I would love,love,love a big sip of that drinky. One sip & I'd probably be laying on the floor in a fit of giggles.

OMG that bunny is awesome!!So prim & perfect. Love your creations!!

I'm sad to say I have no more teasers right now:( I better get going!!

Love your new tin with the flowers in it. I just bought the same little reflector. I put a blackened beeswax candle in mine.

Can't wait to see your challenge items.

Time to get back to creating~Becky

dee begg said...

You did get some cool new goodies, even if you showed great restraint. The tin it too cool!


Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Wonderful goodies and those drinks look yummy!! I always end up being the designated driver so I rarely get to have one though.

Your bunny is adorable - great job!!

basketsnprims said...

I love your bunny, what an awesome job you did. Looks like you gals had alot of fun and I love your treasures. It's so hard not to buy those prims, isn't it? We all have that addiction I think. I love, love old Country living magazines. I stopped my subscription two years ago. they just aren't the same.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, those drinks look so good ! Who drove home after drinkin them ??? LOL

Nice tin !

I agree... I wouldn't give a nickel or even a penny for those newer issues of Country Living magazines fact, I quit buying them about three years ago or so. I used to subscribe yearly to them !

Cute bunny !


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Wonderful goodies!
Awesome idea with the wafer tin, hum, now you have me thinking. ;)

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Some great finds. Great pictures of you and your friends. I agree with you on the CL magazine, I used to buy it, but no more. You are right, nothing country. There are much better magazines out there to spend our money on.

Angela said...

Love all your treasures. A day with friends shopping and wonderful memories are made. Glad you had fun.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well silly me posted on the previous post to have a good time when you come up to shop....YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN THERE...I have my week all mixed up.

LOVE the tin and what you put into it...looks wonderful.


Prims By The Water said...

Loved looking at all of your pictures. Especially liked the dolls on the red chair and the bunnies on the window sill. Your displays are very nice. My husband and I own an antique store and I decided to start a blog. If you get a chance, please stop by and visit and tell me what you think. Thanks! Janice