Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 inches and 60+ MPH wind gusts later.....

This one goes down in the record books for Chicago! Now I am not complaining at all. I live outside of Chicago, we get all 4 seasons for sure! We have not had a snow like this since 1999... What made this so bad was the wind gusts. Boy it howled last night, amazing. We could not see across the street last night it was so bad, no idea where the street was...
So in the light of day, just a few pictures to share with everyone! Grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and enjoy!!! Poor hubby has been out since about 6am trying to clean things up... I think it FINALLY has stopped snowing!

SO this is our patio.... barely can the furniture! There is my bottle tree, about 5 feet tall.... Just a bigger look... the window into the gathering room, snow half way up....
Hubby starting cleaning off the neighbor Dave's drive... Now Dave loves to snow blow! Sick man that he is....Very shortly he will be yelling at hubby to leave it alone! LOL

Next door neighbor John working on his drive way.....
Shot in between our house and Dave's....I better check the dryer vent isn't blocked!

YUP, that's me out in the snow this AM....of course this is higher because of the plowing...YIKES right after this picture taken, here comes the plow again, I had to scramble to get out of that!!!

Hubby going across the street to help the B.F.N Jeff and Nadine... Jeff doesn't mind one doing the snow blowing for him! Bless that old snowblower!!! Hubby's Dad gave us that blower probably 16+ years ago, he had it for many years before that.... still plowing away!!!

Just to give you a close up idea... This is my post in the front yard, a chair and my snowman... I call him WINTER, NOT CHRISTMAS!!! ( some might be giving me grief that he is still out!! Can't stand how dark it gets after all the holiday lights come down. I leave him out through Feb)

Well.... I will be lucky to get him out by the end of the month now!!! LOL

Drift up the garage in the back yard......

Poor knuckles trying to figure out how the get around in the back yard.....
So there you have it. Definitely staying in, probably craft some, and bake some cookies!!! Enjoy the day! Only hoping Steven doesn't have to go to work 2nite. He works for Best Buy, really who will be out in this???? OLM


Green Creek Primitives said...

Well that is a lot of snow. I think you have our seven inches we got a few weeks ago beat. We didn't get any of that snow, we just got a lot of rain last night. Stay warm. Vicky

Jody said...

Wow this looks like my yard this morning! Great pictures! I live in Sandwich Ill, and we are all getting started with the clean up! Stay warm, and safe..

SANDI said...

Wow! That is alot of snow! Keep Warm.

michelle said...

oh my goodness ,thats alot of snow!we had ice last night everywhere.never seen anything like it before.just Winter is so cute.he surely looks as if hes in it for the long haul lol.Ive been a slacker this year and all the christmas stuff is still outside.I keep saying when it gets warmer .have a great day.blessings michelle

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

wow - looks like you got the same as us...I guess everyone in the area did.
I like it too...are we crazy???
My husband is in his glory playing out there with the snowblower. The big snow...what he lives for! lol

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Well, You and Karen can have it!! LOL!!

We barely got anything down here at the Southern tip of IL.
Today it is snowing, even hard at times, but it doesnt seem to be accumlating.
The rain must have froze over in the middle of the night. Because when I took Lucy out to potty this morning it crunched under my feet.
There is a light film of snow on the ground. But not even really covering the tall sections of grass though.
We do have the winds!!!
They seemed even worse last night.

Im sitting here hoping that this all will soon be over.
So you crazy ladies go enjoy your fun in the snow. I'll be sitting here waiting for the sunshine and warth!! LOL!!

Take Care and be careful and stay warm!!

Misi said...

Take it EASY Marie!...Stay in and keep warm.. craft away the days and please be careful not to slip!

redesigngal said...

Hi there: I love your snow pictures. I can see snow from here, but it is in the Sierra Nevada mountains and I don't have to shovel it! Lucky for me. Loved the picture of Knuckles! Used to have 3 dachshunds and when we lived in Wheeling Illinois had to shovel a path to get them to go out! Stay in, have some soup and enjoy. Soon it will be spring! Hugs,

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wow!Love all the pics!
But Girl "YOU GOT SNOW"!
Yes, Wow!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Looks like my yard!
Only we don't get many snowplows out our way!