Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have been a BAD girl!!! LOL

TI'S the season, of open houses....last of the flea markets, so much shopping so little money!

Though has that stopped me? Not really, but it really should! How much more does a girl need? Well, I am never done, there is always something to find, need or want! LOL....

So off the the first open house of the season over Poppy Seed Primitives where I sell some of my prims and good friend Sandy owns the shop.... Now I wasn't going to buy anything last night. I was going to be a good girl, since I was there earlier in the week helping her set up the shop and I purchased the Homecoming book right away.....

I just couldn't help myself, there was this great reproduction stocking saying "good dog" knuckles needed his own stocking, right? Then there was this great re-pro tree skirt, yes I needed that for my new prim tree I got last year right after Christmas, of course on sale!
Then there was the flea market today, well there is only one more before the season is over, so of course we needed to go.... Again I wasn't going to get anything since I purchased a few goodies last night.....
Well, we know how well that must of worked....LOL... I saw this great old prim box, it was a MUST have! I have never seen one quite like this one.

Great door, then open it up, 2 great little shelves, prefect to tuck for display...

Bonus was the advertising on both sides still in great shape, I thought it was a deal at $30!

OK, so love the vintage mess net Christmas stockings. Would love to have a couple of them.. Was at one booth, they wanted $20 a stocking, INSANE! Not paying that, so off I went. I am in another out building and I just miss a girl gobbling up at least 20+ of them for I think less then $10, I am SICK! Of course I ask if she has anymore, NOPE. I turn to the girl who just purchased the whole bunch to ask if she would consider selling a few? How many would I want, I said I have 2 boys, just 2, OK, here comes the great part, she GAVE them to me! My lucky day!

Then I came across then this cute little vintage stocking, plastic the the vintage decals on them, this one I got for $6, not to bad..... though why did they put the sticker on the front of the stocking?

OK, a girl should stop now right? OOPS... so before we were off to the flea market hubby & I had a few errors to run this AM, when we got home, on the porch was a box, of course from eBay for me! Why do these boxes have to come when hubby is home? BUSTED! LOL...
So I have been looking and wanting a vintage school chalk board with the roping around it, got 2 on eBay for a good price I thought $29 for both with shipping. Saw them today for $40 a piece!

Now, next week is open house for one my favorite prim antique places.. Well, Deb, she use to have a shop, closed it many years back. It was her shop were I really started to fall in love with prim and go many of my first pieces from her. Almost every year she has a open house in her garage, collects great antique pieces all year, then for 2 days opens her doors. I have been saving for that one. I am sure to find a treasure or 2 there next week!
Like I said so many open houses, so little money! OLM


renee said...

Well I guess SOMETIMES it's ok to be a bad girl! LOL! Love all your finds! I am new to blogging, but have been following for awhile now. I am happy to participate more!
I think my favorite was the little cupboard you found.
Thanks for sharing!

Farmhouse prims said...

OMG Marie, did you ever rake in the goodies today!!! I love everything. The stockings and tree skirt is awesome. Make sure and post pictures of your tree when you decorate.
And I love the box with the label on it and I love your little mixing bowl and chalkboards.
How could you ever pass up good deals like this!!!
Enjoy all your goodies, you did good girlfriend!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love what you found.;)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
I just love your little cupboard, but I am a sucker for cupboards!
Hugs :)