Sunday, September 5, 2010

One busy week! Happy Labor day!

This week has kept me pretty busy and running around! I hate weeks like that, yet I have a few more to come....I like being at home, I don't get bored & I can always find something to do, or there is something that I have put off and now I NEED to do it! LOL

So I try to keep this a happy and fun blog about my adventures in being a "PRIM GAL", though there's life and this week was spent helping my mom. I have talked in the past that she is battling colon cancer that has spread to the liver. She had been going thorough chemo until about a month ago when she needed a break. 15 treatments without a break is a lot. In the last couple of weeks it looks like we have been given a gift, she is a candidate for a liver resection. If they are able to this, it is possible for her to be cancer free! AMAZING... Now mom doesn't understand (that's OK) what it has meant to have cancer in her liver, anyway this week was spent taking her to many tests to get ready for the surgery. she was a human pin cushion, poor thing! bad veins way too many pokes! So all is looking good and a week from tomorrow she is having surgery.

So with tests and then in the middle of this was Hubby's B-Day, I have not gotten much more done in the gathering room. Few of the neighbor's wanted to get together for some type of BBQ for the Holiday. So we decide to have it here. Then we were able to celebrate hubby's b-day, the holiday and the wrapping up of the remodeling here at the homestead... Well all the big hard labor stuff done, so many finishing details to do yet!

So the heat broke here this week! What a welcome change, it feels like fall is in the air. So we fired up the fire pit yesterday and got ready for some great friends to come over and enjoy the evening....

Jeff and Nadine brought over the meat.... Now be prepared you have NEVER seen anything like this before!!! I know none of us had! A 2 foot long HOT DOG! It has to be about 4-5 inches around! What a hoot! You slice it up and cook it like a hamburger and eat it on a hamburger bun! One might think it would taste like fried Bologna, nope hot dog!

Jeff supervising hubby cooking the dogs!

now it was a little chilly, but not this chilly, Dave in that fur hat like it's 20 below, please we have a few months yet?

OK, now I said I was busy helping mom, but I was still able to get a very few things done. I have the front room back in place. I don't have all the little things back, don't remember where I put everything! OOPS! Still bringing out some fall, I just love the colors, I could have it out all year....

So first up I thought I would show you my love seat before we had it reupholstered last winter. I was so hoping hubby would bite on some Johnston bench works, well just wasn't meant to be... so instead we did this. I guess he has to have a say & win every now & again! Really he has been great, I have pretty much gotten whatever I have wanted in the remodel. No complaining at all!
So green was a little dated....

Now to this, I don't remember the Johnston pattern this was. I've seen it a lot with the blue tones in it. I like to be different, beside no blue in this room so this works well. I am thinking after the holidays I want to paint the red to a dark grey....

yes, we like our wine. I just wish we would remember to drink it more then we really do.

Now this piece.... One of my Favorites, but then again aren't they all my favorites? This pie safe was the first one I ever purchased. Love this guy, it's so different. I have never seen one like it again. I found it on vacation in MN. several years ago. So I have 2 pie safes, the one up in my kitchen and this little charmer!

A view with the chair next to it, it was green at one time too!

Just some gourds to greet everyone when they walk in the front door. Great old store wire basket. Don't see many of these guys anymore.

Part of my peg rack on the back wall of the front room, few fall goodies already up.

So back to the gathering room. I have this great bowl rack. I had it made many years ago just waiting for this room to be done... Had it up in the old room, I just didn't have my little dry sink. So I couldn't wait to get everything into place. Moved the sink down from the kitchen, fetched the bowl rack from the good old garage. OH NO, now it's too BIG, this can't be right!? Well it comes down right to the sink, that's not going to work, can't display anything in there then. What's a prim girl to do? Well, get another one made that will work and Fast! How does 5 days work? So I got the new one on Friday & had hubby hang it Friday night!

I still need to move the sink over a bit, I will get to that...later. I am happy with the new rack, now I will have to sell the old one.

So while I was at the shop (Poppy Seeds) picking up the bowl rack, of course I found a few more things... some I can't show you everything cause they are going to a couple of swaps I am working on...

I am doing the fall textile swap Char is hosting. I already got my goodies this week from Lecia from Love everything, I will share this week. Then I am doing a swap with Teresa from I am hoping to get everything mailed off this week before mom's surgery...

Yikes this has become a long post, thanks for sticking with me! LOL... So at least the one thing I can show you is the sweet battery operated LED pumpkin candle! Love this guy!

Well, the week was over yet... Are ya gettin tired of hearing all of this yet? So before everyone came over yesterday I made it to the flea market at Kane County. Well really we needed to go & pick up our harvest table it was getting repaired... then I got talked into going back with my GF Cindy today. she couldn't yesterday, so like a good sport I went again. BIG MISTAKE, I spent money! Found this great counter workers board they called it. Kinda like a smaller dough board,but not big enough to be a dough board.

Still thought it would look great on my counter!

Then I put my olde jar collection that I use as canisters on top of it.. Love it!

Ok, I will shut up now! that's for making it to the end. Maybe next time I shouldn't wait a week to post! LOL... Have a great night and a great Labor day! OLM


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Hope the surgery goes well for your Mom. I will say some prayers for her. I love your bowl rack. I have gathered some scrap boards from Menards to try and make a dry sink. I guess we'll see how it goes. Hubby and I are definitely not skilled carpenters! LOL Love all your fall decor. Fall is my favorite season as well. Hope your week evens out for you. Ours will be busy, too. Happy Labor Day!
Linda 8+)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love all the goodies you shared..and I love all those pumpkin longaberger baskets..I have the large one it.;) have a great week ahead and I am happy for your mom..;)

colonialhomestead said...

Found your blog by way of Parkers Paradise. I have enjoyed your latest posts. All the lovely photos of redecorating your home. I pray your Mothers needs are met & for a fast recovery from surgery. I pray God will give you all the energy you will need in caring for your Mother. Blessings to you & your family.

Larry I said...

I liked the giant hot dog. I really liked Ed's new cap. The decorating was ok. LOL from the Queen. (sis-in-law)

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope all goes well for your mom and the surgery is successful. Please keep us posted.
Your pie safe is wonderful. I don't know that I've ever seen one on legs that tall!
Great post. Loved all the pictures.
Pug hugs :)

Robin said...

I send best wishes for you and your mom. Good luck. Love that hot dog...never seen one. Great small pie safe, that's what I am looking for and a cupboard. Enjoyed your post!. Many blessings my friend. (millstonemercantile)