Monday, August 16, 2010

There's nothing Prim about painting walls!

There is nothing fun or primitive about painting walls... Well, I will just say it, IT SUCKS! It's so much work and takes so much time! I know the end result it worth it, I am just so slow at it.

Not to mention I hurt my back several years ago, torn a disc, haven't worked since, so should I really be painting? Yes if I want to get the room done, so there I am painting like a mad person! LOL...

Everyone is saying don't rush, it's been almost a year what's another week, REALLY ANOTHER WEEK? Not happening. If all goes well, and the carpet guys ever calls me back, there WILL BE carpeting this week! LOL

So out of bed, right into painting clothes, nice side view, thanks hubby, could we make this any less flattering? Like my little hidden message on the wall? That wasn't even planned...
Now painting wainscoting, time consuming for sure. I think I started by 10am. We stopped for about 45 minutes at 3:30, that's when everything had a first coat.
Then we painted for another 2 hours.... The back wall has 2 coats, all the trim has 2 coats, so we are close. With any luck we should finish tomorrow night. I am just bushed, as I am sure hubby is. Lets just hope I can walk good enough tomorrow to paint! LOL back wall all done...I love the colors, it's just a different combo with the beige and sage together. I think it will look great once everything else is in place....
Here I am starting, again thanks hubby for that great side view!

Paybacks, hubby on his knees painting base trim!

Oh just a few more days and we will never have to look at this UGLY floor again. Amazing that we could put up with it for so long!

Have a great evening, I am off to lay down and pray the back doesn't show it's angry side tomorrow! OLM


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I can't wait to see your room all done and purty.;) we just finished the bathroom...and am glad it is done..but I have a few other little painting touch ups around the gotta find the paint..and curtains to make and then i think I am done with the inside for the time being..;)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there, you mentioned in your comment to me that you sold longaberger for many you know how I can get the black and tan khaki liners for the two larger baskets that I would be puurrrfect to get those liners to match..I guess I could make them out of the tan fabric...or just put some in there to make it look like I made them...the one is the mothers day vanity basket and can't remember what the other is called..I know the one on the black shelf had a kiddie basket and this is the bigger version of it.;) like a purse one..not sure.:)thanks for your help..;)