Saturday, August 14, 2010

Remodeling and Crafting at the same time gives me a headache!

I'm jumping in for just a quick post update. What a long couple of days! Hubby has gotten all the wainscoting up! Now he's working the chair rail! I am really hoping to start painting tomorrow. Then I can call to see when the carpeting can be installed! I am SO hoping sometime the week! YEAH!!!
I manged to get some crafting finished and just update my Lemon Poppy Seeds page. Yikes, between the 2, I am starting to get another headache! Though we are SO close to being done with the gathering room, I am getting excited to start putting things back in there place! Once I start that I won't be crafting for a while!

So just a couple of pictures of a few of the items in put on LPS and the chair rail going up!

here's Chloe, a Angel and the Crow pattern....

Few smaller green pumpkins, their orange faces don't show up so good. These probably will go to the shop and a birthday gift!

AH, chair rail! As you can see to be different, I wanted the wainscoting higher then a traditional chair height! The utility box, hubby will make shutters once he's done with this... poor guy no rest!

another view down the back wall... we are getting there! Have a great Saturday, time to go grill some dinner for the working hubby! OLM


Farmhouse prims said...

That is a great idea, I love the look and the paint color you picked!!! Awesome, looks great!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I too love the higher wainscotting..we are doing it in our bathroom...I love your lemon poppy seed dolls..I love the chloe doll..)and of course the pumpkins are cute too...;>)

Robin said...

Love the high wainscotting, I have that in my kitchen. Your pumpkins are just to cute! (millstonemercantile)

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Love your new creations!!
The Gathering Room is coming along Fabulously!!
Almost done now!!
I bet your drooling at the thought of getting in there and decorating!!
Cant wait to see!!
Wont be long now.
Have a great night!

Lori said...

Great hand-dids! Love your wainscoting. Looks great higher on the wall. We are replacing bedroom windows and carpeting soon so I know how you feel about the work and mess involved but the outcome will be worth it!