Friday, August 20, 2010

And just like that......

He was gone again... and by "he" our oldest son Alex left for school this AM... It is do hard to believe as he pulled out of the driveway he is off to start his senior year at Western, IL.... How did this happen, it seems like yesterday we packed up the car to move him there for the first time... Time so fly's by in a blink of a eye....
Now I have to admit, I was ready for him to go back! Never in a million years did I ever think I would say such a thing. Especially 3 short years ago....BUT, he's 22, comes and goes, and enjoys being on his own already. Doesn't like mom in all his business! LOL...He was even more ready to go.....
Though, he will be home for good come December... one more semester and then his internship at a police department and that he will do around here...I don't know that I am ready for him to become a police officer, either.... No choice now! Off he goes..... Truck loaded with a few of his things.....
OK, now about these pictures as we were standing outside this am, Alex and I were talking about the goofy pumpkin/gourd vines growing all over the place. The ones in the tree are just a hoot...everyday there is another gourd growing, I think there is at least 8 in the tree now....LOL I don't know if we will ever be able to get them down before the squirrels get them.. So it's kind hard to see but the yellow is either a gourd or another flower on the vine....

OK, wrong order on these, this is the gourd growing out of my flower pot and how big it is now...

oops forgot to upload the picture of it as a baby... oh well.. sorry.. brain just isn't working. It's to quite here! It will take a little bit to get use to it again...
My younger son Steven goes to college year around. He actually will be done first this March, so right after Alex left, he was up & out to met with his career advisor... YIKES to much in just one AM! LOL Oh well... I am off to the Country Store to get my switch plates for the gathering room! Have a great day! OLM


Primfills said...

Oh my goodness I also ask myself "How did this happen? How did time fly by so fast! ahh!"

I guess we can just find comfort knowing we are not alone! whew! My oldest is a MP in the Marines, so I also know that pull on your heart as they serve and protect. We will get through this! lol

I have 7, 23 years old all the way down to our 2 year old, so this growing up too fast cycle never seems to end for me... Morgan, maybe you should think about having a few more little ones! LOL!! ok, ok.. I will just zip it! I know!

Have a wonderful day!
With love,
Jobeth xox

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your gourds..we have a hard time growing pumpkins and gourds here...and this year was a bust..have a great weekend.:)

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Time sure does fly!!

I can completely relate to how you feel.
My oldest is 22 and she has been on her own for a few years now.
She will say she is going to move back in, sometimes she even makes for a couple of months, but then Poof! shes off again.

She loves being independent!
Which is good thing and I am very proud of her BUT being a Mom sometimes it feels good to think she still needs me!! :)

Now she is talking about moving to CA.
~Oh No... Wait a minute!! Im not sure Im ready for that!! ;)

Love your gourd!
I have a couple of vines growing behind my garage. But only one vine is actually producing any.
It has 7 on it. The other has none!

Have great weekend!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

They grow up quickly, don't they? Though I must admit I had a few years when it didn't go quick! My boys gave me more than a few grey hairs, but I am so proud of the men they have become!
Hugs :)