Saturday, July 3, 2010

They're HOME!!! & Happy 4th!!!

They boys rolled in about 4 AM this morning. They had a great trip, many fish were caught and eaten! I am not a fish person, so the more they eat up there the better! Knuckles was VERY happy to see them. At 4;30 in the morning they are out there with the lighted dog ball, playing ball with him. He would not let them go to bed until they played! LOL.... So the house is a mess again and full of noise. My boys are home! Here is a few pictures from their trip..... Hubby kissing a fish?! LOL... He wears the life jacket, he can't swim
Alex driving the boat! He loved it, now he wants one... Must finish college & get a JOB! LOL

This goofy looking bunch is my boys, Steven 20, Hubby Ed, and Alex 22....

My brother Matt with the biggest fish of the week! Look at that smile! He named him Alfonso, don't ask why, don't know, then they ate him!

Steven with his biggest fish of the week.... a northern

Alex is his biggest fish, a small mouth bass, he was a big boy for a bass....

The whole gang, Ed the boys on the left, my dad is in the back right, my brother Matt, and Mark's son Tony...

Oh yes, the present they brought me home, a week's dirty laundry.. I am a lucky girl! LOL

Steven unloading the pick this morning ... clean up is never fun...
Wow, it's so hard to believe tomorrow is the 4Th already. The summer is flying by. we are having friends over as every year for a BBQ.. Everyone have a great 4Th! OLM


Larry I said...

Looks like the "boys" had a great time !! Even the fish were smiling ! Thanks for the pictures ~ Sis-in-law (aka Queen).

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I love the one of hubby kissing the fish!
Pug hugs :)

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hi Marie,
Looks like your boys had a fabulous time.
What a wonderful memory they made.

I loved their present to you....
"Oh no you shouldn't have". LOL!! That is what I thought when I saw it.
Then I thought.... Heck they shouldve picked her up some chocolates to go with it. Hehee!

Take Care,