Friday, July 30, 2010

Ok, here are a few pictures from the road trip

Yeah! I figured out how to get the pictures off the internal memory all by myself! Really it wasn't hard....LOL... So I took a few pictures this morning of my new goodies and I thought I would share! First is a great old cutting board! I think this might be the start of a new collection.. Like I need another collection! oh well.... Here was just a great little chubby box... prefect for displaying! Boy I need that gathering room done!

Now these were a great deal! This was in the antique barn... the little strainer was only $3! the old yellow ware w/spout $15! it has a crack, but for that price who cares!

OK, got this at Harvest Moon... I saw this guy there last year, LOVED HIM!! thought about him all year... asked if he sold, which of course he did....BUT she just got another one..or should I say she HAD another one! Love him.... Hubby is not going to be to please when he see's him.. First thing he will say... " did you really NEED that ?" then... "where are you going to storage him?" I will figure it out....

OK, these are really hard to come by.. I have never seen a cereal one, always see bread ones and they are aways asking about $200 for them. Not paying that... but I bit the bullet for $48!

SO looking forward to fall! Just loved this guy... She just started to put a little fall out..I got the last one! Diane at the Harvest Moon couldn't believe have fast she sold out of them!

OK, now the story on this dough bowl.... this one is HUGE! BFF Mary, one of the bags.. went to a garage sale. Walked right past it, figured it was going to be at least a arm & a leg.... Started looking at the other prices of some great prim goodies... was very surprised at the prices. Went back to the bowl and it had $50 on it, yes $50! She calls me, it's to big for her, really probably to big for my home too, but I WILL MAKE IT WORK... So me always dealing, goes "is that her best price" really I just had to ask.... Well... now the price is $45... SOLD! Fall picks came from harvest Moon... OK, so the bowl is the real deal, and the deal of the century!

OK, now for some Eye candy... this is a old chicken coop that was turned into a girls getaway... Love it.. Look at the colors on all that enamel ware! Not to mention the tall pie safe!

this is on her front porch... all those crocks & jugs!

her little room when you first walk in... Again pictures just don't do it justice!

great idea for all the ball jars we all have! A light!

this is her closet... painted the front with old quilts... WOW...

Well, that is all I have for now... It was just a great fun day! Have a great one! OLM


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

OH MY!!!
You found so many fabulous new goodies!!
And at AWESOME Prices!!!
Lucky Girl!!!

And you tell Hubby... YES, You DID NEED Him!!

That snowman is Amazing!!!
Infact, I NEED one TOO!! Heheee!!

Im so glad you had a great time and found so many wonderful things.

Im still gasping over the bargin you got for the cereal graniteware container.
Way to go GF!!!

Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all the photos and love that snowman..he is wonderful..does she sell those online?

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Wow, you got some great goodies!! I love everything, the snowman is adorable, I love snowmen!! Thanks for sharing the photos.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Hey guys! Isn't that snowman WONDERFUL! Though she doesn't not have a website at this time. He is heavy, so it would be spendie to ship him. :(
I just can't believe she had another! Then the cereal enamelware OMG!!
My lucky day! OLM