Monday, July 26, 2010

Fall yet?? Looks like it here?

I hope everyone is have a great Monday. We have been pretty busy today at the Morgan homestead. Hubby is working in the gathering room, and Jeff bless his heart, after a days work is here putting another coat on the ceiling! Progress is a wonderful thing....
So after 7 inches of rain Saturday it's hard to image I would need to water anything. Well, we are getting hot again and the pots dry out pretty fast. So I am out there giving them a little drink and a momma robin is just chirping away. I thought she was made that the birdbath was almost dry. NOPE, I at get closer to the front door, there on the arm of my chair is a baby robin. He's really not quite ready to fly. He must of got knocked out during the storm. So there he sat for the longest time.
Here's a close up, though he really blends in with the chair color. The little guy has since hopped away.

Close up of a pumpkin vine growing out of one of my flower pots out front.

Here it is growing through the chair. Hopefully I will get a pumpkin or 2 from it. You can never have enough pumpkins outside for the fall!

I also thought I would share a few goodies my sis in law from MN sent me! I have to say I have the best sis in law and she spoils me so! It helps we like a lot of the same things. They have great rummage sales up north. Love the great old wire potato basket and the minnow cage. Great vintage Santa too! Can't wait to find homes for them all...
So I thought I would share some progress on the crafting. I have been working like a mad woman to get things done. I would like to be done with fall stuff by time the gathering room is finished. That way I can play and not worry that I should be crafting. Well, it's a great plan, doesn't mean it will happen. I need to figure out where to put 20 YES 20 boxes of Morning Glory Fiber fill too! That should be here any day. Thanks to Walmart shooting all crafter's in the foot, the only way to get it at a good price where shipping didn't kill you was to order 20 boxes. I should be set for quite some time!

So here is a few finished guys from the other night! Hubby of course says everything is ugly! I am OK with that, it means it's nice & prim! LOL

Batch 2, some green pumpkins and the start of some witch pumpkins from a Prims by Kim pattern! Love this guy when he's done.... Well getting to dinner time off to BBQ! Just to hot to use the stove. Have a great day! OLM


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love that big large black pumpkin and the 3 guys in the second photo with the long noses..I love em..;) that little baby robin is precious..hope he is doing okay.>)

Beckyjean said...

Love all the pumpkins. Looking forward to seeing your new projects when they are done. How do you get so much done? I know~you know enough to stay off the computer right? Have a wonderful evening.


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

The little bird was so cute.
He makes me just want to pick him up. :)

I am loving all your creations.
But I believe my Favorite may be the pumpkins with the BIG noses in the last photo.

Have a great week sweetie!!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Hey Becky jean, How ddi I get so much done, come see the rest of my house! LOL, nothing else is getting done, and yes I need to stay away from the computer! OLM