Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bonus goodies....

kind of hard to see the stitching on the mat, or the little stitched face on the black pumpkin. sorry
well, there that's better! Enjoy Tammy!

Just a quick note to say I am shipping Tammy's box off tomorrow. I had mentioned I would add a few extra goodies and I did. Tammy I hope you like Halloween, I should of asked first. Kind of got a theme going here.... So another little OLM original pumpkin and a little hand stitched mat that says "trick or treat, smell my feet" I did several of these last year and they were a hit! I hope you like them...
This upcoming week will be a crazy one. Chemo with mom on Tuesday. I am thinking they will give her some kind of a break after this one. The side effects are lasting long and starting to get to her. She has had 5 extra rounds. I don't think they will stop all of it, but we will see what they say on Tuesday.
I am doing the textile swap with Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch. (I know Tammy, I still need to download that link to do these nice... I am so slow! LOL ) So Char is my partner and I am very excited to get started on that too!

Then next week we have relatives coming from Ireland to met us for the first time! My nephew Tyler started doing our family tree out on ancestry, posted the tree, I think, within couple of days we got a email saying I think we are related! My grandmother came here from Ireland in the 30's I think and sure enough we are related. They already had this trip planned, but now they are stopping to met. That will be a bunch of fun! Then of course there should be painting and the finishing of the gather room! YEAH!

So all in all it will busy around here for awhile. Have a great evening! OLM


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh Maire,
I LOVE the bonus goodies!!
Thanks so much.

I will send out my possitive thoughts and prayers to your mom.

WOW!! How neat. My ancestors on my mom side are from Ireland also (Wade's). I would love to go there sometime. Cant wait to hear all about their visit.

Take Care,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Good luck to your mom. I'll say a little extra prayer for her.
What fun to meet new relatives!!!
Pug hugs :)

prims by olde lady morgan said...

thanks so much everyone! It means so much! OLM