Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well the boys are away, so I played!

Warning, this post as a bunch of pictures!!! Boys took off last night for their fishing trip. It is bittersweet without Mark, but I know they will show his son a great time! I am FINALLY starting to feel better. Enough so to really hit the kitchen hard and give it a good cleaning.
With both boys home and a room under construction, well everything is always a mess it seems. I can not wait for the gathering room to be finished. It really was the hub of the house and to have it out of commission now for 10 months is long enough. Hubby promised once he's back my head will spin with the progress that will be made....
So today I moved things around on the counter, dusted and organized. I will start crafting again so it probably won't stay that way for long, since I sew at the table for now. But, for at least this week, dishes will be at a minimum and the only mess I can complain about is my own or Knuckles hair!
OK, so this was the old eating area, it was very small. I love the Jelly cabinet tucked there now! Everyone always as about the "chuckie" doll on the left... that was my first baby doll, I got her when I was 6. She has been very loved!
My little farm table I got awhile back. Moved most of my fly screens on this little table. I just love the fly screens! It's illness!

YEAH! the table without the sewing machine and fabric everywhere! Got this harvest table last fall at the flea market. It's made out of reclaimed barn wood.

OOPS, another picture must pay attention to what I am doing, here you can kind of see the studs for the gathering room. Next is insulation, then drywall!

Clean counters, boys not leaving stuff everywhere... I just love old jars, I use them as my canisters... all the cookie cutters in the bottom draw where my MIL's, she was known for her cut out cookies, I was lucky enough to get her cutters.

My noodle board. Someday, I would love to have wood counters...

more goodies, though you can't really see it, I stitched the curtain on the window..

Few more treasurers... pictures of my boys during their baseball years....

my grapevine with lights in it. When we put in the cabinets, I had the hubby put a couple of outlets up on top & switch by the sink so I could have lights up there.. Hubby also made my stove board several years ago. It comes from scrapes of wood from Alex's Eagle Project, so it's extra special.

Just a quick tour of the kitchen.. thanks for taking a peek.. have a great evening! OLM


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh Marie everything looks wonderful.

It must be so nice to have some "ME" time.
Im so jealous!! LOL!!
We gals sure love families but having alone time every once in ahile is great too.
I havent had any in about a year. Ever since my son got out of HS, he is always in and out.
And now with Summer, well, just forget about it.
I always get so much accomplished during alone time. Even though my family never really stops me. I just work best when Im all by myself.

I really enjoyed viewing your kitchen.
Everything looks wonderful.
Cant wait to see the new Gathering room as soon as its finished up.

Enjoy your weekend.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Marie....what a great post.
Your kitchen is wonderful and you have soooo many wonderful treasures.
I too love the shoofly screens but don't have lots of space so only have one sitting out.
Enjoy your quiet time and have a great Sunday.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
Hugs, Karen