Friday, June 11, 2010

Gone Fishing.......

Well, I wasn't sure if I was going to talk about this. Tossed it around in my head all day and figured this might help get me thorough the rest of the day, so bare with me. First on a fun note, I finished up my swap with Tammy at a primitive place. That was so much fun to put together. It was my first and I hope she likes it!
Well we have just had one of those weeks no one ever wants. One you have to pick yourself up and remember we only get to go around once in this life and it's what one makes it.....OK, so we all know CANCER just sucks!!! I have been helping my mom with treatments since Nov. For colon cancer. We just found out last night we have another friend diagnosed with colon cancer... PLEASE everyone go get the colonoscopy! It saves lives, hell if I can go thorough prep once, pass out & break my nose and still manage to do it again, trust me it's no big deal, DO IT!!! Hubby had a friend from work pass away, he left today to go out of town for those services, very troubling how he died, I hope he found peace.... OK, so sorry this is SO depressing... So my brother's best friend since he was 12 was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer 3 years ago. He has given it a hell of a battle. They have been planning once last trip fishing to Canada in 2 weeks. To take his 15 year old son for one last great memory of fishing with his dad. Ed and my boys are going too, along with my dad. Well, he didn't make it, he too passed away last night, like a said a hell of a week! Again we get once to go around, we must not sweat the small stuff and count our blessings... So yesterday at 41 Mark went fishing! OLM

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