Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calling all Moring Glory Fiber fill users!!!

Hello all fellow crafts who love Morning Glory Fiberfill that only Walmart carried. I called MG today to see where else we can find this, no where really. Can call the distributor to see about shipping direct, though shipping will probably kill us & would need to order 20 boxes to get the shipping down UGH! Joann's maybe someday....but you know that will be $20 a box instead of $9.50... WE ALL NEED TO CALL WALMART & COMPLAIN 1 800 WALMART!! They could possibly bring it back. They do listen to customers! I called today & will keep calling! They know we are upset & have had a lot of calls! Squeaky wheel get the oil here! So everyone call & hopefully we can get it back on shelves in time for the fall shows! OLM

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