Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Box of Goodies from Up North

Love the vintage Plastic Santa candy holder! I have a few of these LOVE them!

Today is a wonderful day!!! I could take the whole summer like this, sunny, upper 70's, with a great breeze. These are prefect days for me! I will go outside soon and get some yard work done.

I wanted to share some goodies my sis-n-law the "QUEEN" sent me from Minnesota. I have the best sis in law & she is always out at garage sales and such. If I am looking for something, she usually finds it pretty quick. Now that she has started down sizing some of her collections, I get the benefits of that as well. I am a lucky girl!! So I got a few fun things, a few things that might be re purposed with crafting. Though I just love the little box, picture doesn't show up as good. Though I love vintage Christmas stuff. In this little box for 25cents is the little clips for candles on a tree, the tiniest bottle brush tree & one of the old screw in lights of a little boy I think. Love those old bulbs! So I need to get off and start my day FINALLY! Everyone have a great one! OLM

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