Sunday, May 23, 2010

These are my boys!!!

Steven always the clown!

Knuckles wanting to play and not sit still for the picture

WOW, today is a WARM day!! We haven't had a day like this since last August. We hit 90!!! for the first time this year! I wasn't going to turn the air on since the heat was running just last week, but it's so sticky in the house we will never sleep tonite. Not to mention it's a good test to see if it's working for the summer and I think it needs a tune up.
So Sunday's are now softball days with boys! Ed, Alex, and Steven play together on a softball team for the last couple of years. Ed has been playing for 30+ years, and with the boys when they each turned 18 though with their schedules they hardly ever are all playing together, except today! So I snapped a few pictures of them after the game, and they won too! So now we are grilling burgers & I will be glued to the TV is a few minutes for the ending of lost! Any other LOST junkies out there? Six years of watching comes down to tonite. Here's hopping for a good rap up, nothing stupid like the 80's Dallas dream of bring Bobbie back! Enjoy the evening. OLM

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