Wednesday, May 5, 2010

so many weeds, so little time.....

YIKES! What a week. I started out on Monday with round 2 on the colonoscopy. After the February mishap and broken nose, I am glad that is done and everything is OK. I am on the 5 year plan because of the family history now. Took mom for her treatment on Tuesday for Colon Cancer. Cancer really just sucks, there is nothing good about this. This is her 2ND round of treatments starting. We will do 5 & another CT to see if there is any improvement. The cancer appears to be gone in the Colon, it's the spots on the liver we are dealing with. Her outlook is great & she asked for the extra treatments, so here is to hoping for the best!

I started working out in the yard. Last fall I didn't do the best clean up because the addition work and all. So I have extra work just waiting for me! In my 20's all these flower beds I created was great, no big deal. I could pull ALL the weeds in a day...Now in my 40's and a torn disc in my back it is just a on going battle all summer long. I love all the flowers and how it all comes together by mid July looking so full and colorful, but right now I could use a hot tub! LOL!

So today picture is one of my favorite pieces of yard art as I call it. It's a great old post I found a couple of years back. I hung a welcome sign and wrap the post in seasonal lights. It's the first thing you see coming up to the house along with a great old chair & a old enamel bucket just waiting for it's flowers. Still need to wait a little long, frost is still possible. Have to love spring in IL! Off to seal a old wagon I want to use for flowers this year. Have a great day!

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Gayle said...

LOVE your 'flag pole' in the yard - how do you have it stabilized so it won't blow over in the wind? I have an old porch pillar - it would be fun to do something like that with it! It's still too cold here in Utah to do much yard work.

Farmhouse prims said...

OMG I love your blog!!! I see we like the same things. I love your dolls and prim goodies! Hugs,