Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a few of my FAVORITE things!!

Love this litte dry sink. I am planning on putting it in the family room once it done.
Our harvest table made from reclaimed barn wood! Always wanted one. It would never of fit in the old eating area. See the fabric waiting to be used on the chair? LOL

I have 2 pie safes, this the bigger of the 2. When we added on to the kitchen, I made sure there was room for this one! Love it it this room.

OOPS, a extra picture.....

Front of our humble home. Flower beds all cleaned up for spring!

My little sitting area, as close as to a porch as I am going to get. When we started the remodeling, I really wanted a porch, but it was sooo much money, I just couldn't see spending that for a porch only I wanted. :(

the back wall of the old eating area of the kitchen....

AH, my bathroom, this took hubby 2 years to do. Worth the wait. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining the family has only been torn apart 9 monthes... LOL

going to craft now....

OK, so I am going to super glue my butt to a chair and craft, but before I do I thought I would share a few of my favorite things in my home.... So many of them are in the garage, my son's room who is away at college (only til this weekend then he's home.. YIKES) and everywhere else until the family room is done. We are getting there... but it really was the hub of the house & I want it back and to have all my prims things back in their place!! Good things come to those who wait? I know it will be worth it. It was SOOO ugly before!! I will so much more to share later!!! Have a great day! OLM

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