Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is here

Another week just flew by. Yikes time just goes by. Our room got painted with some BIG help from our neighbor the painter! He took pity on me when I told him it took me 3 hours just to do the ceiling! He saved me! Bedroom furniture came yesterday, played and moved everything around 4 times. I think we have it set & the olde farmhouse door that will be our headboard can go up. I am sooo grateful that I did not have Ed hang it last week, since our bed in not in the same place now. I managed to get a little crafting done and enjoy some our great spring days. We hit in the 80's earlier in the week, now we are more seasonal in the high 50"s. though we have lots of sunshine so I will take it. Boy I am just tired, I sure could use a nap! LOL. I have a few ideas for more Americana prims so I want to get the sewing machine back out too... I will see how the rest of the day goes, enjoy... OLM

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