Sunday, April 25, 2010

New home for the little farmtable

Even though today is a gloomy rainy day I am thinking of fun summer filled days. The trees are getting their leaves, everything is coming back to life! I purchased a great little farm table awhile back. I thought I would use it in the family room once it's finished. Instead I put it in the kitchen next to my pie safe. Added a few summer touches. I think it has found a new home. Not much more playing I can do really until the family room is done, there is such a mess to come with taping & sanding that there is no point to rearranging to much until it's done. it's killing me, I so want to play and change things around, I will just have to wait a little longer... OLM

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Carol said...

Oh, I know what that's like having to wait to do our decorating. What a neat old table.
Congratualtions on your win from Sticks Stitches n Boards:)