Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am soo excited

WOW!!! what a fun day so far! I found out I won the giveaway from Christine @ sticks stitches n boards. I am never that lucky. I can't wait to add that to my prim collections! thanks Christine.

No new pictures today, our computer is back in the shop. So I am on my son's laptop. We have had the worse lucky lately with our computer. It needed a new hard drive about 6 weeks ago, now there is 9 viruses on it from a game site hubby went to. He wanted to download his favorite military game. Didn't even download a thing, but it completely messed up our computer. The computer is barely a year old. YIKES! Do these individuals that do this have nothing better to do then wreck other peoples computers? It's so maddening!

So I thought I would explain where my name" Olde Lady Morgan" came from. I have a great group of friends...LOL, that we get together every fall for 5 days of antiquing, prim shopping and eating! We have a blast! One year in goofing around, they started calling me "Olde Lady Morgan", mind you I am the youngest in our group. They were acting like brats, I was having to discipline them, LOL. It was the joke of the trip that year, and it stuck, after about a year of this, I took on the Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan for my business instead of Marie's Country Collectibles. That was 4 years ago, now most of my friends just call me OLM. It works and I love the name.

So I am very excited as my followers are growing. I am honored you want to read my humble little blog... So in this spirit, I to will do a give away once I hit 25 followers. I am not sure what it will be, probably a original OLM doll. The dolls in the opening of my blog are my designs. I love making prims. I work from some great patterns as well and my own designs.... So more details to come and thanks for reading. OLM

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Christine said...

Congratualtions! lol You are welcome and I will get it to the P.O. tomorrow! I love your dolls and will be watching for your giveaway!