Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

What a busy week. Started by taking mom to her treatment. One more to go, then the C.T & deciding what we do next. She will still needs some type of chemo, just don't know what yet. I have been working in our bedroom, all the border is down!!! Started painting yesterday. Took me 3 hours to do the ceiling. Called my neighbor over to give his stamp on approval since he is a painter. Well he is finishing it for me, bless him!!! Not that I did a bad job, I am sooo slow & I have a really bad back, so he saved me!! I owe him big time!! Love the colors, Copper Glow on one wall & Ginger Root on the other 3 and the ceiling. Pictures to come after I get everything cleaned up & the new furniture in. Still plugging away at everything else. We are really at crunch time though. Alex will be home from school in a month & really needs to be able to walk in his room. It has become the dump area during remodeling. We have been at this for 8 months. I really need to be done.
I did get to a flea market last weekend, first of the season. I was able to get a few goodies. Always looking for those little treasurers... So here is a picture of my new treasures, once all is done and clean up begins, I will find the perfect place for them. Now I am off to the country store. Need new switch plates in the bedroom.. You see them advertise in Country Sampler all the time, how lucky for me they are only 25 minutes away! Have a great Sunday. OLM

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