Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bags are Loaded

The "Queen" loves the color orange.
After a good lunch the candy "cigs" come out! Wax lips, Priceless!!!

We might not of unlocked the door for the "Queen"

Hey this year we can use the rearview mirror going home! LOL

The Bags!

I thought I would talk about my girls trip I take every fall. There is 6 of us that get together for much needed laughter, shopping and eating. We call ourselves "the bags are loaded". Meaning we are packed & ready to go!!! There is 6 of us in our group. Starting with my sis in law, we call her the "queen" and Darla come from MN. There are 3 of us from IL, Mary, Punk, and me OLM. We stop in Wi. to pick Kathy in Brodhead. We all met in the Lacrosse area and just have a blast! Non stop laughing, horsing around, and jokes. Grow women should never? behave this way?! Along the way we always find a treasurer or 2. We usually in some way counting the days until we can do it again. Female bonding at it's best! LOL!

So as I look around my home and realize I haven't gotten a thing done today, my thoughts drift to bags and October can't come fast enough, well yes it can, spring it barely underway but this is the only time all 6 of us can get together and it's always something to look forward too. So here are a few pictures from our last years trip. Now I need to go do laundry! OLM

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