Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a great day!!!!

The sun is shining, it will get to almost 50 today!! Snow is melting I heard a woodpecker today, along with other birds chirping, yes spring is in the air. Not to mention my nose is healing. I still have black eyes, but they are getting better. Now I just need our computer to get fixed and all will be right!?!? It is amazing how important these things have become in our lives. I have been using my sons laptop, but can't upload pictures on his. He dropped it & it's broken.

I have been crafting and would really like to start a selling blog. Not sure how to do that, so anyone who can point me in the right direction would be a help. Then once our computer is fixed I can upload some finished goodies. I have a basket full of extras the shop did not need. It's time to finally figure out another outlet to sell some of them. It keeps me busy and out of trouble most of the time. Otherwise, I am out looking for prims for the house. So speaking of this, I have been wanting a very small farm table. I have one farm table but, I wanted one that could be like a small desk for a entry way. Of course I found one yesterday. It's in great shape. It will look great once the family room if finished, either as a little desk or end table. I will add a picture once our computer is fixed. Off to enjoy the day. Have a great one. OLM

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