Monday, March 1, 2010

this has been the week

WOW, this has been a unbelievable week. Almost hard to tell this story. I must tell it with some humor. First our computer has crapped out! Not even a year old. Hopefully we will get that up and running next week. Ok, so I have mentioned before my mom has colon cancer. I take her to treatments. Stay and keep her company, she is doing well and very positive. OK, so here I go, because of this I had my colonoscopy scheduled for last Thursday. I have said no one should die of this if at all possible. So even though I wasn't looking forward to this, it needed to be done. So on Wednesday I got up walked Knuckles, ate my Jello and at 2pm like a good little girl took my 2 pills. Now all I need is to wait for well... you know... then I get to start drinking the "good stuff", NOT! Well.... I was not feeling that good, cold, stomach cramps.. get up to go to the bathroom, Now I am really not feeling good... mmm... might throw up? Yikes, I think I could pass out! Well.. next thing I know, I am on the bathroom floor, and I am tasting blood? Yup, blood!OMG, my teeth hurt, oh s----- I broke my nose. OK this is extreme to get out of the colonoscopy! Go to urgent care, yup it's broke.. everything hurts and the only I can think of is there WILL BE NO PICTURES!!! Yup my friends will ask, and you can bet they have tried everything to get one.. So here come the jokes, the nicknames, but I am holding true to the no pictures...
Really and truly I have been lucky, yes I have 2 black eyes, but it doesn't look as bad as one would think. Went to the nose doc today & it's a clean break, so no need to set it just be careful. So yes this was an extreme way to get out of the procedure, well not out of it just postponed. Now I get to have that hang over my head until the end of April, when we try this again... Oh so lucky me! You really just have to laugh! OLM

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taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh, bless your heart!!!..I hope it heals fast!!