Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18th already!?!!

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted. So much going on. Our computer is fixed, though we are still having some issues with email. We needed a new hard drive so we lost everything. What a mess. My oldest son Alex is home on spring break, Steven (my baby at 19) has come home from his trip to San Francisco so our house is full again. Though for a week we got a taste of empty nesting. I did not cook once! The nose is healing slowly. This is the first bone I have broken, I was surprised how it even hurt to chew. Though did I lose weight? Not really!:(

I have been busy crafting as always, getting ready to start repainting our bedroom. So many things a mess at once! It was not the smart way to do things! I feel like I am beating my head against the wall... We really need to buckle down & start getting things finished! As we started all this remodeling, I really wanted new gathering room furniture. With everything we have been doing, hubby would not go along with that. Plus he really still liked what we have. I wanted a more updated look...So we re- upholstered. What a difference. I will upload some before & after pictures later. I have to rearrange just to get in since the family room stuff is all upstairs too! So today was a good day to pick it up, we are in the 60's with sun shine. We are getting such a nice taste of spring. Though winter is showing up supposedly this weekend again with another chance of snow! UGH! Well for now, I am adding a few pictures of my latest works. Hopefully now that the computer is back I can get to work on creating a selling blog. Also, I am adding a picture of my small farm table I found last week along with my french bread board! It was a good day! Have a great one. OLM

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