Monday, February 1, 2010

still learning

Well, I have been out playing and learning. Don't have everything figured out but learning.

Once I get organized I will post some pictures of our home. It has been a work in progress. We had given some thought to moving last fall, but decided instead to add onto the house and finally update our family room. We added a larger eating/dinette area to our kitchen. Added onto our garage for the hubby. He now has more storage and a larger work area, since we both can be pack rats at times! Then we had the old brick taken off the front of the house & had river rock put on, WOW that was huge! I think I figured out how to add a before & after picture of that..

Anyway I have still been decorating moving things hanging all my prim treasures. I am hoping the family room should be done by spring! Now off the the fabric store for "stuff" for creating. OLM

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