Sunday, February 21, 2010

so here we go again

OK, Now I love all 4 seasons! I can't image not having each of them, though I am very ready for Spring. To get out in the yard, start the repairs that are needed from the construction in the fall. Most of all no more SNOW!!! Yup, it's coming down again, just when there was bare grass to be had. By morning we should be looking at another 4-6 inches... Knuckles, our dog will be very happy, he loves it! I on the other hand want color in my yard, flowers everywhere. Well, we have a bit to go I guess... OK, no more venting... I have been a very busy girl today, sewing, tea staining , and designing. I also started giving some thought to what color I am going to paint our bedroom. We have decided to update this room too. Like we don't have enough going on! HA HA. We ordered new furniture. We have never had new bedroom furniture, all hand-me downs. So might as well paint it before everything comes in. I am excited about this. 2 years ago I got a old door that I wanted to make into a headboard, finally going to do that. I think I am going to a accent wall in a dark orange color. Now I just need to fit that all into the schedule. I am crazy! off to start dinner, have a great night! OLM

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