Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow and earthquakes!

WOW!!! OK, I live outside of Chicago, so all the snow we got yesterday, no big surprise. Getting woken up at 4am with the house shaking and realizing we had a earthquake, different story! What a crazy day. Nothing fell, no hurt, I just thought someone had driven into the house. Funny how many of my friends slept right thorough it!!

I took my mom to her chemo treatment in the snow. I haven't mentioned it before but my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in August and I have been taking her to the treatments. I get crafting done, we are there for better part of a day so I always take some work with me. Worked on dolls yesterday. I will stay in today and play and organize more of my "stuff" I have a week until my prim friends come for the "before" tour. They want to see the before & after when the family room is done. I am going to have to give a hubby a deadline. He can do just about anything, it just takes him soooo long... He had our upstairs bathroom ripped apart over a year! It looks wonderful & he did a great job, this time I need the family room back. With adult boys running around, I need a space they don't invade!

I will add a picture of my pie safe that went in the kitchen addition. When we started planning this in the fall, I made sure it was big enough for this piece to have a home! Love this pie safe & it's color. I still have some snowmen out, I just can't bring myself to put them all away. though after this last snow, I am done! Bring on color! OLM

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