Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girl Time

WOW! Has it been over a week since I posted? I have had a busy week. I had my prim friends here last night for a "before"house tour.. I cleaned for a week, I dusted things that haven't been touched since the addition in October. My thought was with all the dry wall dust still to come with the family room, do it once. Well I am glad I did it, it needed to be done & I start taking a hard look at some things that needed to be parted with. I made 2 trip to goodwill for drop offs! So much more to do. Now as Ed works on the family room, I am going to start our bedroom. I really have wanted to paint it for a while. I was dreading taking down the border, but it needs a fresh look, so here I go! On to the visit-- it was so much fun, we laughed, ate of course and just had a good time. I think sometimes you just need to get together for a gab fest and this is a good reason. Also, keeping me busy is crafting for the shop & one of my online friends who saw my doll on here wanted one, so we did a swap. She does great extreme prim. She sells on eBay as OSWALD4326, check her out. Here is a picture of the doll I made for her and my special doll. I love her. She has a face only I can love!! LOL! My mom called her hideous, I always take that as a prim complement! Whenever I am making something & I show it to Ed & I get the face or he tells me no one should pay more then 50 cents for that. I know it will do well! Great morning here, off the walk knuckles pull the sewing machine back out! Enjoy! OLM

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