Saturday, February 6, 2010

beating my head against the wall! LOL

OK, I need blogger for dummies or go to a class. I am not that computer savvy. I am trying & learning. Trying to add the counter on my blog, could only set it as a posting & not where I wanted it to go. I will need my son to help me later.... UGH!

OK, on to fun stuff. I got to tour one of my prim friends' home the other night! OMG!!! It is WONDERFUL! It inspired me to rearrange and freshen up as much as I can with having parts of the house still torn apart. They are coming to my home in 2 weeks to see all my prim goodies. They want to see a before & after so I have 2 weeks to really fix up what has been neglected since the addition was started in Oct. or lose my mind in the process! LOL Hubby is laughing at me, doesn't think I should get so worked up about them coming... HE did not see their homes! LOL. I know it's not worth getting crazy about, though everything does need a good dusting, so it's a good thing!

So here's a picture of my counter freshened up & clutter cleaned off of it. I have a thing for old jars, I use them everywhere... OLM

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